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K, Back.

January 4, 2012

So wow, my first post was in 2009. That’s some serious procrastination!  Yeah, I’ll have to work on that in the future.

Anyway, here’s what it means to GWB, since that’s what I’ll be sharing with you (infused with social commentary and other fun tidbits of information):

Gaming While Black (v.): To play a video game (either console, PC, or other device) while retaining social and cultural awareness, specifically as it relates to the melanin enriched.

Not a very loaded definition, but one that apparently the greater gaming industry chooses to largely ignore and fail to cater to. We’re not all fat white guys in our momma’s basement, gaming execs. We’re also not all thugs, “killaz”, or wannabe gangsta rappers either. I’d expect some sort of enlightenment or change in attitude since according to…wait, there’s no concrete statistics out there (coincidence?), but I suppose in the world of entertainment popular opinion, no matter how racist or asinine, counts.

So this will be me, examining things I observe in games while playing. Maybe I’ll throw up a guide or two, from my perspective.

Enjoy. Swear I’m back this time.

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